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IT Security Risk Management (ITSRM)
System Description: Information for this section is contained in the Boundary Scope Master Record (BSMR) from the Risk Management section which provides a general description of system architecture and functionality.  The BSMR should indicate the operating environment, physical location, general location of users, and partnerships with external organizations/systems.  Also include information regarding any other technical considerations that are important for recovery purposes, such as backup procedures. 

Boundary Scope Master record (BSMR)
The BSMR contains critical information that summarizes a description of the application or system.  As described in the sample BSMR link (above), this document includes the following:
  • Asset Name and Acronym
  • Asset Type and Criticality
  • Location of Asset Hardware and/or Software
  • Location of Alternate Site
  • Location of Users and Support Teams
  • A Detailed and Comprehensive Description of the Asset
  • Description of Dependent and/or Interconnecting Systems or Applications
  • Business Unit, Operations, and Key Personnel Points of Contact with Contact Information

The BSMR, also, should include any information pertinent to the recovery or relocation of the asset in the event of an incident.

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