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IT Security Risk Management (ITSRM)
Breaking the cycle of normality to panic in an emergency!
Contingency Plan for Tornado, Fire, Earthquake, Insurrection, and Flood
Business owners and managers must accept a well known fact:  There is no such thing as a risk free operation!  "Things" happen!  Information and data disappear!  Equipment fail!  Employees and contractors become disgruntled!  A viable contingency plan will assure prompt resumption of business in the event of a mishap, sabotage, or catastrophe.  Business Continuity Management (BCM) and supporting contingency management and planning tools help answer company asset questions such as:  identification, location, value, replacement costs, alternatives, and how long can the organization function without them. The following link is a detailed review of Contingency and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Features Benefits
  • Contingency Planning (CP) Tools
    • Scope Determination
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Asset Specification
    • Asset Valuation
    • Preventive Controls
    • Asset Inventory
  • User Friendly, Interactive Recovery Tools
    • Notification - Activation
    • Recovery
    • Reconstitution
    • Call Tree Logs and Diagrams
    • Task Tables
    • Contact Lists
  • Tools and techniques based on Common Office Environment (COE)
  • Support for automated and manual processes
  • Self generating planning and recovery scripts
  • Self documenting
  • Modular components for concurrent access and maintenance
  • Easily created and maintained by non-technical staff and end-users
  • Competed contingency plans easily uploaded to intranet, off-site facility and/or cloud computing environment for maintenance and/or archiving
  • Makes asset owner, users, and/or administrators responsible and accountable for completeness and accuracy of the contingency plan
Security Begins and Ends with You!

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