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IT Security Risk Management (ITSRM)
Knowing what you have, what can happen, and what to do!
Security Awareness includes steps taken to keep employees mindful of their responsibility to protect company assets from harm, loss, or unauthorized access.  An effective Security  Awareness program keeps the audience up-to-date on new and changing behaviors, potential threats, and vulnerabilities while promoting countermeasures to address dynamic environments.  ITSRM's Security Awareness offerings include colorful slide presentations, a comprehensive security quiz, and tools and techniques to support the security awareness program.

The organization, its customers, and vendors rely heavily on information technology (IT) to meet operational, financial, and administrative requirements. The corruption, unauthorized disclosure and modification, or theft of any company information could disrupt our operation, bring about financial and legal problems, and cause our clients or customers to lose confidence in us and our ability to conduct business.  Consequently - in accordance with recognized "best practices" - we must be proactive in safeguarding information assets.  The following criteria are industry standards with respect to information protection:

  • Confidentiality - Preventing unauthorized access to information assets
  • Integrity - Assuring that information is protected from loss and unauthorized tampering or changes
  • Availability - Preventing Denial of Service (DoS); making sure that information assets are available and accessible as intended

It is not possible to specify what security requirements are needed to protect every computer, network, or system from every threat. This document sets forth guidelines designed to provide a minimum level of security for most general-purpose personal and mid-level computer systems. It is to be used for the protection of sensitive information and to determine local and specific security policies and procedures.

Features Benefits
  • Security Policy, Standards, and Guidelines
  • Non-Disclosure Considerations
  • Personal Security Issues
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Technology Changes
  • Security Incidents, Legal Actions,
    Tips, and Countermeasures
  • Comprehensive IT Security Quiz
  • Performance Appraisal Criteria (i.e., IT Security Quiz)
  • Security Training Material
  • Employees are kept current on risks, threats, and vulnerabilities
  • Standardized vehicle for the dissemination of safeguards and countermeasures
  • On-line Security Awareness program available to the entire staff
Security Begins and Ends with You!

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