We have provided several tools and techniques to help you evaluate your IT Security and Business Continuity Planning requirements as well as develop your risk management and contingency planning documentation.  The information below is a brief description with a link to the respective tool/technique:
Link Description
 Business Impact Analysis 1.  Create an Enterprise-wide BIA for your organization and prioritize your assets.
Asset Specification Worksheet 2.  Use this worksheet to provide asset description, documentation, ownership, inputs, and outputs.
Asset Valuation 3.  The asset valuation tool enables you to establish the value in dollars, but also, establish recovery and/or replacement priorities (e.g., protect or replace).
Asset Inventory Form 4.  Used this flexible inventory form to identify hardware and/or software components
Preventive Controls 5.  Use this tool to include a list of cost-effective preemptive methods that may obviate or ease the impact of a disruption.
Contingency Task Table 6.  Use the flexible task tool to document the actions required in the Notification/Activation, Recovery, and/or Reconstitution phase of the contingency planning effort.
CP Contact List 7.  The flexible Contingency Plan contact list will list all team personnel and their alternates responsible for the recovery effort.
Call Tree Log 8.  This tool will enable the first responders, Contingency Planning Coordinator, and those responsible for Notifying recovery teams reach and log who will or will not be available to respond to the emergency.
Incident Report Form 9.  Use the handy incident reporting form to document any abnormal occurrence in your organization.  When in doubt, report it!
IT Policy Quiz 10.  Test your employee's knowledge of your IT Policies and Standards.  This easy-to-use and modify form uses common software (MS Excel) and can be updated with you own company questions.