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At a minimum, ITSRM will provide a convenient user-friendly knowledgebase of IT Security Best Practices for your staff and end-users.
IT Security Risk Management (ITSRM)
You do not have to have "Deep Pockets" to afford an effective
Business Continuity Management Program!
TARGET MARKET:  We developed ITSRM for small and midsize organizations who 1) are aware of their security deficiencies, but uncertain as to where to begin; 2) know what steps to take but want to JUMP-START their Policy and Standards, Security Awareness, Risk Management, and Contingency Planning,  efforts; 3) are unable or unwilling to fund security consultants - whose recommendations may be more costly to implement than the perceived threat or vulnerability; and/or 4) need a Business Continuity Management (BCM) system "YESTERDAY."

CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS and TRAINING:  Additionally, our offering contains tools and techniques security officers, analysts, and even consultants will need to initiate and implement a security management and awareness program. This is with the objective of training staff and end-users how to protect and/or recover IT assets.  Finally, our product helps both staff and end-users understand the concept and philosophy of Business Continuity Management! 
Security Begins and Ends with You!

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