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IT Security Risk Management (ITSRM)
Install Custom Tailored CyberSecurity Policy, Standards, Guidelines, and
Techniques on Your Intranet and/or Cloud Server to Keep Your Staff Security Aware!
Don't Risk having your Applications, Systems, and Possibly your Business
Torpedoed because your staff is NOT prepared for an emergency!
Provide your staff and end-users Business Continuity Management (BCM) concepts (i.e., Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Contingency Planning, Policy and Standards, and Security Awareness) with which they must be familiar to protect and/or recover information assets.  ITSRM identifies what your organization must have in order to provide a secure - and, in an emergency, recoverable - IT environment.

How quickly your staff recognizes threats, vulnerabilities, and the likelihood of an occurrence will influence its ability to recover from a mishap or catastrophe and whether or not the organization will survive!  Our ready to publish Assessment, Awareness, and Management tools will help Jump-Start your IT Security efforts and provide "best practices" for your staff and end-users as quickly as you can install/publish web pages on your intranet and/or private cloud servers.  Review the website and sample the contents of the Enterprise Assurance Portal (EAP).
Security Begins and Ends with You!

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